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Standard HCL (Lotus) Notes Hosting Plan

Upgraded HCL (Lotus) Domino Hosting

$359.70 / 6 month / 360 minutes support block time
Only $59.95/Month

The multi-tenant managed Lotus Notes hosting package for businesses and individuals with more than 10 Lotus Notes / DWA (iNotes) e-mail users and/or out-of-the-box/custom applications to run on the HCL Domino Server. This upgraded HCL Domino hosting solution is intended for those businesses or individuals needing multiple applications and/or multiple web sites (domains) requiring a larger support time block and more disk space than the standard Lotus hosting package. It also includes a larger discounted support block of time for the higher number of configuration and user changes inherent in larger deployments.

  • Multiple domain name web sites (via Internet Sites)
  • HCL Notes Mail/Collaboration Account(s)
    Note: See licensing details below.
  • Access mail via Notes Client, POP3, IMAP, or Web Browser (DWA/iNotes)
  • 50 GB of disk space for your Domino-based workflow application(s).
  • Up to 250 GB of disk space including all workflow and mail applications together.
  • Support block base-cost covers businesses w/up to 100 IDs / e-mail accounts with e-mail forwarding and aliases
    Note: Additional accounts can be added to this hosting support block plan.
  • Statistical reports of web site available
  • "Restricted" agent access
  • 60 minutes of support time per month included (360 minutes per 6-month renewal cycle)

  • $25 setup fee for web site and user account(s) if database ACLs are already set by developer. Otherwise, setup is billed hourly in 15-minute increments.
  • $15 for Mindwatering to register or transfer any entries DNS of your domain name for you. (New registrations are $15/year -- max 10 years.) As existing domain transfers tend to be time-consuming with complications, this fee covers up to 30 minutes of Mindwatering's support time for the transfer. Clients handling their own domain record transfers referencing our mail/application servers are only charged a $5 fee to cover the time for the web/mail DNS entries on our servers.

  • Increased disk space.
  • Custom virtual server (VM) hosting for more control and flexibility.
  • Notes Client/iNotes User Accounts (Lotus license CALs). IBM requires all customers have their own HCL Lotus Passport for licensing. Licenses are separate from hosting. We can help you with licensing directly w/HCL or an HCL Business Partner.
  • Non-shared, dedicated Lotus Domino servers for your company in virtual machines (VM) on VMWare Infrastructure.
  • QuickTime audio media on-demand from our OS X QuickTime server.
  • Custom Lotus Notes application or Lotus Domino application (web-based application) development.
  • Additional block-time can be purchased at a bulk rate discounted from our normal consulting and development rates.