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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 02/23/2011 at 06:26 PM


Using Lotus Notes
Issue Troubleshooting

Technote link:
Lotus Support Technote #1319789, “Collecting Data: Lotus Sametime Connect client (standalone desktop) for version 7.5x and 8.x.”
Lotus Support Technote #1320442, “Collecting data for embedded Sametime client for Notes 8.x clients”.

Standalone Connect Client:
On the client side, check the debug level and set to a higher detail. FINE gives more detail, and FINEST give more detail than FINE.

• For the 7.5.x Connect client:
Change .level= to FINE in the file in the Sametime client install directory.
Output text is written to:
Windows XP: <Windows user profile directory>\IBM\RCP\Sametime
Macintosh & Linux: <User profile directory>/Library/Preferences/Sametime

• For the 8.x Connect client, change .level= to FINE in the file in the Windows XP user's profile directory: <Windows user profile directory>\Application Data\Lotus\Sametime\.config.
(Note that the folder is dot cofig not just config.)
Windows XP: <Windows user profile directory>\Application Data\Lotus\Sametime\logs
Macintosh & Linux: <User profile directory>/Lotus/Sametime or /lotus/Sametime/logs
Vista: <Windows user profile directory>\AppData\Roaming\Lotus\Sametime\logs

Embedded Sametime Client:
• For the Notes 8.x standard client, modify these two parameters file in the ..\Notes\data\workspace\.config directory: (or FINEST)
com.lotus.sametime.level=FINE (or FINEST)

The output is written to ..\Notes\workspace\logs.
Additionally, in the Sametime Connect 8 client, you can gather the debug files using the IBM Support Assistance option from the menu.
Menu --> Help --> Support --> IBM Support Assistance --> Service

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