vRO Workflow Call One Fuse Scripting Script

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 10/27 at 04:49 PM



Add a script to the OneFuse appliance and include it in a vRO 8.x Workflow

In this example, we will be adding an Ubuntu script for One Fuse, the script is named ubuntu_ScriptTask

The Scripting Policy Name is the keyword/bubble gum that connects the script to the workflow. The name is the "key".
Typically the Rocky or CentOS local user is "root". Typically the Windows local user is "Administrator". Ubuntu can depend on installation.

Part A: One Fuse
Create the Script:
Modules (menu) --> Scripting (submenu option) --> +Create button

1. General tab:
Scripting Policy Name: ubuntu_ScriptTask
Description: Updates ubuntu performing scriptTask to solve scriptReason
Target Host: {{OneFuse_VmNic0.fqdn}}
Module Credential: Ubuntu_Admin

2. Provisioning tab:
Launch Command: /bin/bash/{{scriptName}}
Script Template: <paste in the contents of the script to run>

Replace any variables to be added like: {{someproperty}}.

Success Exit Code: 0
(0 is typically a success)

Click the Save button.

Part B: vRA - Add to the Orchestrator workflow
Add the One Fuse script workflow to the custom workflow being updated:
1. Orchestrator --> Workflows (side menu) --> Click/select the workflow, click Edit at the top.

2. Click Schema to view your code workflow.

3. On the left, under Generic, drag the Workflow element icon onto the arrow location where insertion is desired.

4. On the right pop-out, update:
- Element Name: Run OpenFuse ubuntu_ScriptTask
- Workflow: Provision Scripting
(enter Provision Scripting, choose the workflow at OneFuse / Scripting / Manual / Provision Scripting)

- Inputs:
- endpointName: <variable containing the OneFuse endpoint's name> (string)
- scriptingPolicyName: <variable containing ubuntu_ScriptTask> (string)
- templateProperties: <JSON containing all the properties that will be used in the script> (string)
- trackingId: <don't know, we used the vmName and that seemed to work> (string)

- scriptingOutput: <assign to a string variable so you can make decision later in the workflow based on contents> (string)

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