Shutdown and Startup Sequence for vRA 8.7

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 11/07 at 09:50 AM



VMware Lifecycle Manager Method:
a. Lifecycle Operations --> Environments
b. Select the vRA appliance/cluster. Click Power OFF, wait.
c. Confirm in vCenter that all are shut down.
d. Return to the vRA appliance, click Power ON.

Manual Method to Power Down
To shut down all cluster node services on all nodes:
a. Login via SSH to any cluster member vRA appliance,
b. Enter the shutdown command:
/opt/scripts/ --shutdown

a. If a cluster, verify the load balancer is functioning.
b. VMware Workspace ONE (VMware Identity Management) before starting vRA appliances.
c. For each appliance, in vCenter, Actions --> Power --> Power On
d. Login via SSH to any cluster member vRA appliance,
e. Enter the following startup command:
f. Verify the services (containers) are up-and-running via the kubectl command:
kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

For a soft reset, the following command be used instead for just the prelude namespace:
kubectl -n prelude get pods

i. For each of the services, we should see 3 instances, with a status of Running, or Completed.

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