Outlook Calendar "Could Not Save Item" Error

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Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 04/02/2012 at 04:40 PM


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User tries to create a calendar entry in MS Outlook 2003 or MS Outlook 2007 calendar. After clicking New Appointment, use can complete the form. However, upon save, the error "Could Not Save Item" is displayed.
The use can send and receive e-mail okay.

Possible Solutions:
- Two copies of Outlook are running from a previous close or crash. However, taskmgr shows a second Outlook.exe running.
1. Close Outlook.
2. Start Task Manager, Start --> Run --> taskmgr (click OK).
3. Switch to Processes tab. See if Outlook.exe is still running. If so, highlight it and click End Process.

- The Forms Cache elements are corrupt. Try running the "Detect & Repair". If that doesn't work, which seems likely, do a clear of the cache:
1. Outlook Menu --> Tools --> Options --> Other --> Advanced --> Custom Forms --> Increase storage allocation and/or Manage Forms -->
2. Click Clear Cache.

Alternately, you can ...
1. Navigate to C:\Windows\Forms\
2. Delete the hidden file FrmCache.DAT

None of the above worked? If you want to manually try to fix it. This is the last resort...
Very carefully perform the following:

To delete the forms cache and manually re-associate the forms:
1. Open up a Windows Explorer window and navigate to \Windows\Forms\
2. Delete the files and folders under this directory EXCEPT \Windows\Forms\Configs.
3. Download and install the SwitchForms Utility (see KB143476)
4. Run the SwitchForms utility and re-register the Outlook forms.

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