Upgrade HCL Verse 3 to 3.1

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 08/26/2023 at 07:40 PM


Domino Upgrades / Installations
Software (Re)Configuration

  • This update will require the Domino HTTP task to be shutdown.
  • Since files are being copied at the OS level, it is also recommended that Domino be shutdown for those steps.
  • We will extract the contents of the zip outside the Domino data folder. We will move them into place rather than expanding w/in the /local/notesdata directory structure. A move is much faster, and we don't need the readme clutter up the install.
  • With Verse 3.0.0, Notes mail template design must be 9.0.1 FP9 or later.
  • It is important the file copying and extraction is done as the notes user. Otherwise, there will be permissions issues with the files.
  • Check that Full Text indexing is available for all Verse users.

Part A: Download HCL Verse
1. Go to HCL Passport (Flex) site.
2. Go to new downloads, or Domino downloads. As there are many, we do a Cmd+F search for "Verse".
3. Download the newest version of Verse 3.1. For us, it is HCL_Verse_3.1.0.zip

Part B: Verify that all Domino Verse servers have the HTTP JVM entries.
1. Login to each Domino server has the following notes.ini entries:
$ ssh lotusnotes@mynotesserver.mindwatering.net
<pwd for notes user>
$ cd /local/notesdata
$ cat notes.ini | grep "HTTPJVM"

2. Only if the Domino server does not have those entries, use the command below to add them to the notes.ini. If the size value is higher, leave it.
To edit, use vi:
$ vi /local/notesdata/notes.ini

Part C: Extract the installation zip on the Domino servers:
1a. Copy the zip to a working directory on the server, or extract on another Linux or Mac workstation and transfer to the Domino server as the "notes" user.
(e.g. /home/notes/tmp/verse)

1b. Extract the contents of the zip within this temporary folder. We will move them into place rather than expanding w/in the /local/notesdata directory structure directly.
(We keep the server up-time longer/higher this way.)

There is a second zip w/in the first zip that extracts the updated jar files. Extract this one, as well. We'll move them to the /local/notesdata/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/ folder later.

We immediately remove the following files. We don't need the NTF files, either, as our Domino servers have R12 versions of these templates, already.
If you do not have the two NTF files, copy them to the /local/notesdata/ folder, and change the ownership to your notes user if applicable.
$ rm /home/notes/tmp/verse/readme.html
$ rm /home/notes/tmp/verse/License.txt
$ rm /home/notes/tmp/verse/Notes \& Information.txt

1c. Move the updated servers-lookup<version>.jar and the two templates to the notesdata folder.
$ mv /home/notes/tmp/verse/servers-lookup-3*.jar /local/notesdata/
$ mv /home/notes/tmp/verse/*.ntf /local/notesdata/

The new file being placed in the main /local/notesdata folder will replace the older servers-lookup<version>.jar in the /domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins folder. Change the ownership to your notes user if applicable.
The HCL documentation says to delete the previous version of the servers-lookup jar.
$ rm servers-lookup-3.0.0-0.0-11.jar

2. Repeat for any additional Domino Verse servers.

Part D: Perform the upgrade of Verse via its jar files:
1. Via the Domino console, shut down http. or the entire Domino server.
> tell http quit
<wait for stop/quit>

2. Remove the old jar files from the plugins folder.
$ rm /local/notesdata/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/ats-*.jar
$ rm /local/notesdata/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/sequoia-osgi-*.jar
$ rm /local/notesdata/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/core-*.jar
$ rm /local/notesdata/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/servlet-*.jar

If you have the Traveler service installed, do NOT delete the traveler jar file.

3. Place the new jars into their location:
$ cd /home/notes/tmp/verse/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/
$ mv *.jar /local/notesdata/domino/workspace/applications/eclipse/plugins/

4. In the Domino console, start http
> load http
<wait for HTT started>

Part E: Verify verse is working
1. Use a browser and verify that Verse loads with login.

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