Blender Renderman Render Issues

Mindwatering Incorporated

Author: Tripp W Black

Created: 09/22/2016 at 04:37 PM



Opened existing .blend file, and renderings are empty black screens (or almost completely dark / black).

Verify you switch the light types. Pick the PxrStdAreaLight.

Renderman exits with "PRMan Exits", or crashes with Blender 2.77.

Possible Solution:
Upgrade Renderman to 20.8 or higher if using Blender 2.77.

Are paths backwards for Linux/Mac vs MS Windows? Check the Preferences for slashes going wrong way for OS.
/ for everyone but Windows, \ for Windows

RendermanNC might not be able to find the license file if installed to a non standard location / disk. Create a symlink / shortcut to the actual license file.
(shortcut from d:\Pixar\license to c:\Pixar\license.)

Textures not rendering.

Possible Solutions:
You cannot use the same Cycles textures and lighting.

For the lights:
Switch lights, switch lights to PxrStdAreaLight. (StdAreaLight didn't work well for us.)
For reflective lights, make the material PxrConstant, Verify light geopmetry objects are PxrConstant, and add a Renderman notetree button. Finally add desired shaders and adjust the light color and intensity.

For the objects:

1. Switch to / add a PxrDiffuse material. Go to the Displacement panel (below the Shader panel) and switch to the PxrStandardDisplacement shader.
2. Update the node graph with a PxrWorly pattern shader, and update the scaler displacement value. To control the UV texture mapping, add to the PxrWorly shader, a PxrManifold2d pattern shader. (UV texture mapping is called manifolds in prman.)

3. Switch to / add a PxrTexture pattern shader to the color input of the PxrDiffuse shader in step #1 above.
4. Set the node texture and link to an image.

Textures do NOT repeat. You will have black around the texture image.
Textures are converted to square shapes with the empty areas around it showing up as black.
UV Coordinates outside the images are black, and will render black, as well.

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