Lotus Foundations small business software and hardware



Lotus Foundations is a family of an all-in-one software appliances that enable business to focus on running their business, not managing their IT systems. All Lotus Foundations solutions includes e-mail, security, backup and recovery features, and is an ideal solution for small businesses with little or no IT support. It can be deployed in under 30 minutes and provides the essential collaboration software required to power a small business.

  • Reduces the time and effort required to get set up by automating installation and configuration and by discovering and mapping the network around it
  • Provides security features and connectivity while reducing time effort and error by auto-configuring a firewall and VPN
  • Protects and stores your company's electronic data with frequent, automated, highly reliable backups as often as every 15 minutes.
  • Quickly executes a full system recovery in the event of a disaster

  • Optimal Protection: Automatically stop threats from reaching your network, your users, and your data
  • Reduced Maintenance: Updates are automatic, so there is no need for continual system maintenance, and the updates do not require frequent security patch reboots
  • Stay Connected: Rapidly and securely link offices, as well as mobile workers
  • Increase Productivity: Work more productively with fewer interruptions
  • Cost Savings: Conserve resources by not needing internal IT staff

Office Productivity
  • Import, edit, and save work in a variety of file types, including Microsoft Office, Open Office, Lotus Symphony, and Adobe PDF
  • Access email, calendars, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and applications quickly from a single interface
  • Use business applications, create documents, and search the Web without ever having to leave the Lotus Notes interface
  • IBM Lotus office productivity tools and their support are included at no extra cost

  • Helps reduce cost of ownership by working with other software or existing infrastructure
  • Works with a variety of software packages, minimizing the potential change in user experience
  • Email and calendars transparent to Microsoft Outlook users — users can continue to run their Microsoft Outlook client
  • Supports multiple programming language platforms

Backup & Recovery
  • No fuss, no worries — even non-technical staff can manage backups
  • Frequent incremental backups are continuous and automated
  • No tapes (disk-based), no wires, no cables
  • Automatic: No maintenance or administration needed
  • Easily recover a file, a folder of data, or the entire system
  • High-level of system redundancy
  • Recover from any type of system failure, including disaster recovery, into a fully functional state, quickly

Email & Collaboration
  • IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino: Optimized for the small business — no complexity of installation, setup and configuration — no learning curve necessary
  • Create and share information, email, and calendars
  • Email options for everyone — includes Lotus Notes clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Microsoft Outlook users can continue their experience with Domino Access for Microsoft Outlook
  • Remote internet access with Domino Web Access, IMAP, and POP or by VPN.

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