Free IBM Lotus Notes / IBM Domino (Web) Applications


Mindwatering has a good number of internally built work-group type Lotus Notes-based and Domino web-based applications and utility applications. Specifically, we've found that some of the smaller Notes applications we use are the most successful and versatile. They do just "one thing" and do it really well. It's these kind of niche applications we are posting on this page.

Copyright Notice & Warning:
You are welcome to download these applications for your internal personal and business use. However, we reserve all ownership rights and distribution rights of the application and its source.

Use these applications at your own risk. You should always test new applications to be installed on your Domino server before using in production to ensure that they perform as expected.

School House Assignments
School House Assignments is a simple application for assigning and tracking assignments.
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Download: MW Assignments Version 1.1.1

Paperless Filing Cabinet (Documents Repository)
Documents Repository is a Notes-based paperless file cabinet application.
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Download: MW Documents Repository 1.2.1

Mailfile E-mail Removal Tool & Orphan Mailfile Finder Tool
This mail file maintenance database is for the Lotus Notes administrator.
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Download: MW Mail Tool